Honeycomb girder developed by ZZHZ is widely used for highway launching gantry and gantry crane.

Please follow below steps to learn the applicable range of honeycomb girder:

1. Application of honeycomb girder gantry crane:

Honeycomb girder gantry crane made by ZZHZ is widely used in pre-cast yard to lift and carry the pre-cast products to proper position.

Applicable ranges for honeycomb girder:

Lifting capacity: 5t-200t

Span: 9m-50m

Lifting height: 5m-50m

2. Application of honeycomb girder launching gantry:

Railway or highway precast girder bridge

I type, T type, U type precast girder

Full span installation method or segments assembly method

Applicable span: 10m-60m


Applicable lifting weight: 20t-300t