Overhead Lifting Hoist, Spreader and Suspension of HZP40 Segment Lifter

Overhead Lifting Hoist, Spreader and Suspension of HZP40 Segment Lifter

1. Overhead Lifting Hoist

Overhead lifting hoist of HZP40 bridge girder segment lifter is composed of trolley, crane moving system, gantry frame, lifting system, hydraulic system and electrical system. Main parameters of overhead lifting hoist are as following:

No. Item Technical Parameter
1 Static Lifting Capacity 50t
2 Lifting Speed 0~3m/min(Heavy Load)
0~5m/min(Empty Load)
3 Lifting Height 23m (Below Bridge Surface)
4 Transverse Moving Scope ±500mm (at Mid Span)
5 Lifting Power 2×22kW
6 Crane Moving Speed 0~15 m/min (Frequency Control)
7 Crane Moving Power 2×5.5kW
8 Max Wheel Press of Crane Moving Mechanism 25t
9 Max Slope
in Longitudinal Direction

2. Spreaders

Spreaders can realize rotating in 360°and ±2% slope adjustment at both directions. Two reducers are the driving devices for spreader rotation. Hydraulic driving method is adopted to adjust slope.
Under non-working status, the spreader should keep it horizontal. The operators should adjust the spreader to balance by changing the position of hydraulic pump station and electrical control box.

3. Suspension

Suspension assembly includes upper cross beam and lower cross beam. Between the upper and lower cross beams there are pin rolls connected. The top of upper beam is linked with spreader and lower beam is linked with bridge segments over adjustment support. During construction the bridge segments are suspended on the hanging beam on both sides of main beam over deformed steel bars.

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