Gantry crane with shield(DGM for short) is mainly used for installation of cutter and shield of shield machine which is underground trenchless device, and are used for lifting duct piece to support tunnel during work progress. DGM has stable performance, high production efficiency and it is easy to be maintained. The lifting part can be rotated to adapt the requirements of tunneling at different directions. It has flexible operating mode, complete safety indication and overload protection device, which can uttermost ensure the safety of operator and equipment. Electrical system adopts PLC variable frequency speed regulating which is propitious to control all the mechanisms. Famous manufacturer of fittings is adopted to guarantee the quality of the complete machine. The last issued national standards are executed to design, manufacture and inspect.
Environmental conditions
1.The power source of the crane is three-phase AC;rated frequency is 50Hz;rated voltage is 380V;
2.The temperature of working environment is -20~+45℃;the max.relative humidity is no less than 95%(there exists condensation)
3.Wind speed during work is no more than 20m/s
4.Working class of the crane is A3、A4
5.The crane that has special requirements for environment condition shall execute the contract articles.
Order instruction
The basic parameters (rated lifting weight, lifting height and span etc.)of the crane shall be described clearly when the contract is signed or the crane is ordering. Thus, we can satisfy the working conditions and operating conditions.